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      3 Easy Ways

      To Keep Your Nursery Smelling Fresh!

      If you’re like most parents, you probably always dreamed that your nursery would smell like baby powder, fresh air, and the sweet smell of the top of your little one’s head. 

      Like most parents, you probably know that the reality is much different. 

      If your nursery smells of dirty old nappies, spilled milk, and rubbish, you’re not alone. We at Mask Co. know that struggle, and we’ve got you covered. 

      Here are our top 3 #MaskCoHacks for making sure your nursery smells as gorgeous as a freshly-bathed baby - and you can get them all done in a matter of minutes. 

      1. Stay On Top Of The Rubbish

      The biggest offender in most nurseries are dirty nappies and nappy buckets. 

      Having a bin dedicated to nappies can be convenient, especially during those sleepless nights in the early days of your beautiful bub's life, but it’s also the main source of bad smells. 

      Try putting dirty nappies into sealed nappy disposal bags and putting them directly into your wheelie bin. If you can’t bring yourself to part with your nappy bucket, be sure to empty it every day and sanitise it regularly. 


      2. Keep Your Baby's Linen Fresh

      Sending your baby to bed with a bottle can mean that milk leaks onto your nursery bedding, making your nursery smell like sour milk. Other things like spilled drinks, vomit and even tiny poop stains can all make your nursery air unbearable. 

      There’s an easy fix though - keep a stash of clean linen in the nursery so that you can change bed linen as soon as spills happen. 

      Are you tending to your baby during those sleepless nights when they're still only months old? Keeping clean sheets and blankets right next to your baby's bed makes it easier to change smelly linen, and makes a huge difference to the air in your nursery.


      3. Use An Air Freshener To Add A Soft Scent To Your Nursery

      Air freshener can be used to freshen up your nursery without irritating your little one’s delicate airways. 

      After you’ve cleaned the nursery, try a spraying a touch of air freshener on the curtains or blinds, and then open the windows. The fresh air will blow away any lingering bad smells, and replace it your favourite scent. Finish with a spritz in the air, and a spray inside your baby’s rubbish bin, for the perfect finishing touch. 

      For the ultimate classic baby scent, our Baby Powder Air Freshener is the best spray for the nursery. It contains no parabens or phthalates, is nursery safe, and will make you nostalgic for the scent of that classic baby powder that comes in a big white container.

      Shop our Baby Powder Air freshener and our full air freshener range here!
      About Mask:

      Mask Co is on a mission to transform the smell of every home in Australia! We are tired of the same old fragrances being rolled out by big homecare brands in cheap aerosol cans. So we decided to make a huge range of FUN fragrances like Musk Sticks, Red Frogs, or Pink Marshmallow!

      Proudly Australian-made and owned, we make sure our formulas include only the good stuff. Made from premium fragrance and essential oils, all of our sprays are FREE of parabens, phthalates, sulfates!

      Maskco shipping boxes

      Our Air Fresheners are available in 13 mind blowing fragrances - with a mix of fruity, floral, earthy, or sweet smells. There is truly something for everyone!

      Mix and match your own 3, 6 or 9 pack with any fragrance you like via our website - starting from $34.95.
      Not sure what fragrance to pick? These are three crowd favourites!

      What our customers are saying...


      "Got my order yesterday. Extremely happy with them!

      It’s definitely a risk ordering scents online when you can’t smell what you like first, but these are definitely worth the risk! You won’t be disappointed!"

      - Suzie S.