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      3 Ways To Quickly Freshen Up Your Home

      For Last-Minute Guests

      Sometimes, when you’re up to your ears in chores, running around after the kids, trying to cook dinner *and* all before you need to leave for work, the last thing you need is a surprise visitor.

      But just like taxes, last-minute unexpected guests are inevitable, and you’ll find yourself needing to make your home presentable for guests in a flash. 

      Of course, your friends and family will always tell you that they’re there to see you, - but that doesn’t stop you from feeling uncomfortable while they’re there. But don’t worry, because we’ve got the perfect solution for you.
      Here are our top 3 ways to quickly refresh your home for unexpected guests.

      1. Air Out Your Entire Home

      The first step is the easiest one: throw open all your doors and windows. It might seem simple, but in the rush of getting ready, this easily forgotten step does wonders to freshen up your home.

      Get rid of that stale air smell, and any lingering cooking and pet smells by opening your windows and doors and letting the breeze in. Make sure it’s the first thing you do before you get started on the next step below. 

      2. Do A Quick Tidy-Up And Declutter: 

      It’s easy to miss a step when you’re tidying your home while you’re in a rush. Try following this simple checklist so that you don’t miss anything important while you’re decluttering:

      - Start by popping your dirty dishes in the dishwasher, giving your surfaces a wipe, and emptying your rubbish bin

      - Give the toilet and bathroom sink a quick wipe over with some sanitiser (try a scented one for a gorgeous hit of welcoming fragrance)

      - Grab a rubbish bag and a duster, and go room-to-room collecting any bits of waste while you have a quick dust

      - To save yourself time and stress, if you can simply close a door, let yourself do that. Just focus on the rooms that your guests will see

      - If you have a minute, fresh flowers and decor do wonders for freshening up your house. If you want the look and appeal of fresh flowers, grab some scissors and head out to the garden for some fresh greenery and flowers to put in your favourite vase

      3. Use Your Favourite Fragrance To Welcome Your Guests 

      The smell of your house is the first thing your guests will notice when they enter your home, so make sure you spend a minute freshening up the air with your favourite air freshener and sanitisers. 

      Before you leave each room, try these hacks to make your entire home smell beautiful and inviting.

      - Give the toilet and bathroom sink a quick wipe over with sanitiser (a scented sanitiser works perfectly)

      - Spray a fresh sheet of paper towel with air freshener and put it in the base of your kitchen bin

      - If you’ve got time to sweep or vacuum, a spray of air freshener on your broom head or vacuum bag will do wonders to carry the scent through your house

      - Make sure you spray the living room, your sofa and couch cushions - just one light spritz in the air above your sofa will do. 

      4. Now It's Time To Relax

      Once you’ve done your best to tidy up and have tucked that basket of clutter out of sight, take a deep breath and relax

      Take a moment to freshen up yourself, put on some relaxing music or have a cup of tea, and get ready to enjoy being with your guests.   


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