8 Top Tips For A Clean Bathroom Everyday

8 Top Tips For A Clean Bathroom Everyday
Do you put off cleaning the bathroom for as long as possible until it becomes a big chore? We hear you! What if we could help you keep your bathroom fresher for longer in just five minutes a day?

Here are our tips for a clean and cheerful bathroom in a flash:

1. Use your exhaust fan every time
As soon as you enter the bathroom, turn the fan on and then keep it on until you leave. It will keep air fresh and prevent damp issues like mold.

2. Don’t forget your bathroom spray!
A few spritzes of Mask bathroom spray will help keep your bathroom air fresh by neutralising odors before they begin.

3. Take care of dirty clothes immediately
Keep a clothes hamper in your bathroom or take clothes to the laundry immediately after showering. Don’t leave them strewn across the floor.

4. Take care of trash immediately
If you have a bathroom bin, empty it every morning. If not, ensure you take trash to your kitchen bin straight away. 

5. Wipe down excess moisture in the shower
After showering, spray the glass with some diluted vinegar. Rinse it off and then squeegee the shower glass and tiles.

6. Wipe out your bathroom sink
A few days’ build-up on your bathroom sink can make it much harder to clean. Disposable wipes are perfect to keep on hand and give your sink a quick once-over. You can even do this while brushing your teeth to save time.

7. Look after your towels
Limp, dank towels aren’t pleasant. Wash them regularly and hang them up neatly.

8. Keep your toilet under control
We saved this one for last because we know it’s your most hated chore. But if you sprinkle a little baking soda into your toilet every morning and give it the once over with a toilet brush, your toilet will always be at a good level of cleanliness.

For just five minutes a day, your bathroom is transformed. You’re welcome!

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