Awesome Small Bathroom Designs

Awesome Small Bathroom Designs

Let’s face it, not everyone has an abundance of space. Small and compact home designs seem to be the way of the future. But one thing most people will agree on, a tiny bathroom can be quite the challenge. Sure, you don’t have much to clean, but no one likes miniscule and cramped spaces. After constant usage, your “little” bathroom can smell like a “large” sweaty latrine. You have to be very careful when choosing an air freshener since an overpowering scent can make matters even worse.

Here are a few tips to give your miniature powder room a new, larger look when you are ready for a remodel.

1. Get rid of accessories that protrude from the wall.
A small bathroom looks even smaller when there are numerous accents taking up vital space. You should opt for built-in toilet paper and magazine holders and avoid decorative shelves like the plague. All of these accessories deprive your bathroom of space.

2. Add clear shower doors to make the room look larger. 
If you remove as much clutter as possible from the room, it will appear larger. Try see-through swinging shower doors with simple fixtures to give the illusion of space.

3. Install floor tiles diagonally. 
When you install larger floor tiles with thin grout lines on the diagonal, it will make the room look like there is more space.

4. Use hooks instead of towel racks.
Towel racks take up a lot of space. Use hooks so that minimal space is used. You can find creative ways to incorporate them into the paint like placing hooks over vines painted on the walls.

5. Use a behind the door medicine cabinet. 
A long, lean cabinet that hangs on the door will take advantage of the space behind the door and fit in with your minimal design.

A miniature powder room does not have to leave you cramped. There are many ways you can make your small space look larger than life. One of the most important things you should remember is to choose a light, airy room freshener spray to keep your bathroom smelling fresh. Avoid harsh heavy, domineering scents that will make your space even more confining. Instead try a light citrus-like scent to give your bathroom the feeling of being outdoors in the open air. 

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