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      Does Your House Smell Bad?

      What Your Guests Really Think When They Visit Your Home

      Have you ever noticed that the homes of your friends and family smell like beautifully fragrant candles, while some smell, well, not so fresh?
      This has probably led you to wonder what your place smells like to others.

      Have you ever found yourself thinking ‘why can’t I smell my own home?’. Well, it turns out your brain is to blame for you becoming used to the smells around you! 🧠 Let’s give you a quick rundown of how your sense of smell works.


      How Do I Find Out How My Home Smells To My Guests? 

      Environmental odours travel through your nose to odour receptors located above and behind your nostrils. These receptors then send this signal to the same part of your brain that is responsible for determining threats and deciding what to do with them. This process is how you smell things


      If the smell is pleasant and the brain decides there is no threat, these receptors will calm down. Your brain will decide that the smell needs no attention, and over time, your ability to detect that odour diminishes. In short, you become so used to the smell that you lose the ability to accurately smell it. 

      As time goes by, the odour of your home will seem to remain unchanged…until you return from a week away. Have you ever returned to your home after being away on holiday to find you can now detect the scent of your home? This is exactly what your home smells like to others. 

      If this smell has you worried about what others will think when they visit your place, don't worry, because we've got some good news for you.

      How Can I Make Sure My Home Smells Good All The Time?

      We know all the tricks for giving your home a fresh new scent.

      Whether it’s because your mother-in-law has announced she’ll be popping over for a cup of tea in 30 minutes, or because you want to reset the scent of your home to one that really captures your style and essence - we can help you!
      It's true that everyone’s place has a unique smell, but it is something that you can easily change. How you capture the essence of your home with scent is totally up to you and can be changed in just a couple of minutes. If you’re not so fond of how your home smells, Mask Co. has you covered.


      You've Styled Your Home - Here’s How To Style Your Scent 

      If you’re thinking about restyling the scent of your home, you’re bound to find one that suits your style in our range of unique Air Fresheners. 

      If you’re a fan of sweet, fun, and nostalgic scents, you’ll love our popular Musk Stick Air Freshener (it’s a staff favourite!). Can’t resist the scent of homemade baked goods, fresh out of the oven? Why not try Grandma’s Biscuits? Or if your style is a little more subtle and classic, then let our Cherry Blossom Air Freshener fill your home with its delicate floral scent.

      Once you’ve chosen your signature scent, here’s how to style your scent in 3 simple steps: 

      1. Give your home a blank slate by opening all your doors and windows and airing out your entire home

      2. Use our #MaskCoHacks to make every room - including your living room, kitchen, and bathroom, smell divine

      3. Consider other ways you can work scent into your everyday routine - think scented sanitisers, toilet sprays, or even a luxurious reed diffuser

        Mask Co. has a huge range of scents that are truly unique, bewitching, and smell exactly like the bottle says! With a range of scents to choose from, you can evoke dreams of beachside siestas, or the heavenly scent of an inviting spring garden.

        You can discover our full range of Australian-owned and made air fresheners here.


        About Mask:

        Mask Co is on a mission to transform the smell of every home in Australia! We are tired of the same old fragrances being rolled out by big homecare brands in cheap aerosol cans. So we decided to make a huge range of FUN fragrances like Musk Sticks, Red Frogs, or Pink Marshmallow!

        Proudly Australian-made and owned, we make sure our formulas include only the good stuff. Made from premium fragrance and essential oils, all of our sprays are FREE of parabens, phthalates, and sulfates!


        Maskco shipping boxes

        Our Air Fresheners are available in 13 mind-blowing fragrances - with a mix of fruity, floral, earthy, or sweet smells. There is truly something for everyone!

        Mix and match your own 3, 6 or 9 pack with any fragrance you like via our website - starting from $34.95.
        Not sure what fragrance to pick? These are three crowd favourites!

        What our customers are saying...

        "The honest one!

        I was actually pleasantly surprised! I took a gamble on your products because I have issues with strong smelling scents, especially flowers and perfumes. However, I have been looking for something to use in the bathrooms. With scents like Musk Sticks and Baby Powder, I just had to try them. I am loving them so far, the musk is my favourite and they haven't upset me with headaches etc., like I usually get with scents. Highly recommend. Love the actual packaging as well."

        - Haley B.