Does My House Smell? What Guests REALLY Notice When They Visit Your Home

Does My House Smell? What Guests REALLY Notice When They Visit Your Home

Ever noticed that the homes of others smell like beautiful candles while some smell well, not so fresh? Ever had the thought ‘why can’t I smell my own home?’

Well, it turns out your brain is to blame for you becoming used to the smells around you.

Environmental odours travel through your nose, to your odour receptors - this is how you smell things.  The receptors then signal to the same part of your brain that is also responsible for determining threats, to decide what to do with them.

If the smell is pleasant and the brain decides there is no ‘threat’ associated, these receptors ‘calm down’ and your brain decides the smell needs little attention, your ability to detect that odour diminishes, and you become used to it.

This means the odour in your home seems to go on unchanged, until you return from a week away…. this is your chance to smell your home like a guest would.

So maybe your home might have always smelt that way and your brain is to blame!

And if you are worried, here’s some good news….

Everyone’s place has a smell. It’s just up to you how you want to capture the essence of your home.

Air freshener sprays are ineffective, as they only contribute to those foul odours.

Mask is a bathroom spray that is a vital addition to your home, as it gets to those odour problems before they even begin.

With a range of scents to choose from you can evoke dreams of beachside siestas to inviting spring gardens.

In just a drop you can be assured of no lingering smells in the bathroom and beyond.

Instead, you and your guests will be greeted at the door every time by refreshing scents, so you too can be on the ‘home beautiful’ list. 

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