Fun and Fantastic Color Choices for the Bathroom

Fun and Fantastic Color Choices for the Bathroom

Admit it; your bathroom is the most used room in the house. Everyone drops in multiple times throughout the day to do their business. Some visits are quick and to the point, while others are extended stays. The kids use it to get ready for all their activities, friends and neighbors stop by and run in to relieve themselves, and as parents, you often hide there to get a moment to yourselves when adulating gets to be too much.

The powder room is overused and underappreciated. And it stinks. There may not be an overpowering funk wafting from the commode, but there is a low-key stench you just can’t place. Sometimes a toilet deodorizer just doesn’t do the trick. So while you’re on your hands and knees giving the family’s favorite spot a good scrubbing, you have a revelation.

This bathroom needs a makeover.

Autumn is here and it’s an ideal time to incorporate some fantastic fall colors into everyone’s “go-to” spot. 

Here are a few color options to spruce up your bathroom and give it a new look.


Spruce up the place with this deep, red shade. If you aren’t daring enough to actually paint the walls, try wallpaper with some cool accents on it like a Shanghai theme. A Year of the Rooster shower curtain and a Chinese accent cabinet will put your spot over the top.

Bright Green
If you want to add color, green is an intense and amazing shade for the powder room. There are so many different variations of the color to try, you can go deep and dark with forest green, or you can go bold and bright with lime green tile. The possibilities for accent décor are endless. Give it a try.

Soft Blue 
Okay, this is not really a famous fall shade, but it is simple and stunning in the bathroom. It is soothing and relaxing and will put anyone who sets foot in the room in a calm frame of mind.

Burnt Orange 
Nothing reminds you of the colors of fall like burnt orange. It is the shade of the leaves that crunch under your feet as you walk in the cool, crisp air. Not sure if the family is ready for orange, try striped wallpaper where it is matched with brilliant blues, pale yellow, and mint green.

Basic Black 
Not feeling that daring? Try a basic black bathroom. It’s sleek, sexy, and classic. You have the option of adding accessories with color to make it really stand out.

The colors of autumn can really give your bathroom a lift. If you love the cool, crisp air outside, you can bring it into your home for a calm, relaxing feel. And whatever you do, don’t forget to use a fragrant room spray to set the tone.

Just be careful, your family and guests may not want to leave your powder room.

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