Funky DIY Bathroom Mirrors

Funky DIY Bathroom Mirrors
Ahh. The bathroom mirror. Every powder room has one. We apply makeup in front of it. We dye, cut, and style our hair while gazing at our own image. Admit it; we love to look at ourselves. But as much time as we spend in front of the mirror, it is probably the most unappreciated accessory in every bathroom; well, not any longer. 
We are about to introduce you to some creative ways to give your mirror and your bathroom a kick.

Tile-trimmed mirror
You can jazz up any plain mirror by adding some colorful tile trim to it. Not only will you give the looking glass a snappy new look, you are finally able to use those boxes of leftover tile from three kitchen makeovers and one bathroom makeover ago. Waste not, want not. Cut the different colored tiles up in chunks and glue them to the mirror.

Lego-trimmed mirror
Who doesn’t love Legos? Give your mirror a youthful, fun look by attaching tons of them to your bathroom mirror for trim. You won’t be able to keep the kids out of the bathroom when you do, so definitely make sure you keep some air freshener on hand. Let’s face it. Kids can be sweaty and smelly little people, they can really stink up a room.

Stained-wood trimmed mirror
Since we’re using up all the leftovers, how about putting some of that leftover wood from the deck to good use? Simply cut the wood to size and use various stains for a multi-paneled look.

CD or 45-record-trimmed mirror
Is your husband still hanging on to his old collection of 45’s? Even though he has nothing to play them on. Give him a thrill and surround the bathroom mirror with those dust collecting records. He’ll get a chuckle every time he sits on the throne.

Gem and bead-trimmed mirror
Did your daughter lose interest in her jewelry making career and you have tons of unused bead and gems sitting on a shelf in her room? Take those colored baubles and glue them to your mirror for a mosaic look.

When it comes to do-it-yourself bathroom mirrors, the possibilities are endless; especially when you use what you already have on hand in the house. You can create a one-of-a-kind look that will make you the envy of the neighborhood. 
No matter how you decide to decorate your mirror, make sure you complete the bathroom ambience with an amazing room freshener spray. Your family will thank you over and over again.

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