Halloween Themed “Boo”throoms

Halloween Themed “Boo”throoms
Halloween is rapidly approaching and many people love to decorate their homes for this spooky holiday. It is great to tour the neighborhood and look around to see how everyone decorates the outside of their houses. Although it’s great to see the outdoor decorations, nothing will surprise your guest like creepy designs in your powder room. Nothing says “we love Halloween” like scaring the crap out of unsuspecting guests that need to use the facilities.

And whatever gory décor you decide on, make sure you do not forget the toilet deodorizer. Once you scare the guests, they will surely have to relieve themselves.

Here are a few gross and gory ideas to decorate the most visited spot in the house.

1. Bloody Bathroom Murder Scene 
Just imagine the screams you’ll hear when someone stops in to use the powder room and see blood everywhere? Simply take a white shower curtain, towels, and a bath mat and dip your hands and feet in red food coloring or washable paint and touch all of them. Make sure you step on the bath mat and splatter some paint and food color all over for the ultimate crime scene look.

2. Creepy Eyeball Soap
Gross out anyone that has to wash their hands with eyeballs in the soap dispenser. You can give the ultimate fright by inserting soft rubber eyeballs in a clear soap dispenser and add liquid soap with a little green food coloring. Every squirt of the dispenser makes it look like green goop is oozing out of a bottle of eyeballs.

3. Floating Witch Hat
Looking for something a little more subtle? Try filling the bathtub with water and place a witch hat on top of the water. Guests will wonder what happened to the wicked potty visitor. Light some black candles and for a finishing touch, add fragrant room spray to complete ambience.

As the cooler weather approaches, there will be plenty of holidays coming down the pike. The possibilities are endless of how you can spruce up your powder room to greet visitors for the holiday season. Let your bathroom reflect your personality. If you are wild and crazy, let your bathroom show guests just how crazy it is at your house!

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