How to Choose the Perfect Towel

How to Choose the Perfect Towel

One thing’s for sure – we expect a lot from our bathroom towels! You want one that is long-lasting, absorbent and has a reasonable drying time. Above all, you want to feel like bathing and drying yourself is a luxurious experience.

So, just how do you choose the perfect towel?

100% high-grade cotton
Using a pure, quality cotton like Egyptian or Pima cotton is important because cotton like this has long fibers, making it more durable.

High pile
Towels with higher cotton loops will be softer and nicer on your skin. Check pile height by looking at the towel side-on.

Twisted cotton loops
When looking at the pile, also see if those loops are twisted. A twist is a good thing – it’s what makes a towel absorbent.

Mid-weight towels
Look for a mid-weight towel to ensure you feel dry after using it and that your towel is dry the next time you need it too. You can check the weight by looking at the towel’s GSM or grams per square meter.

Towel color
Plain towels in pale colors or pure white are often best. You won’t have trouble with fading, or toothpaste and skin care products staining them. You also won’t find them dating which easily happens with appliqued towels. However, if your bathroom needs a spruce-up, brightly colored towels or those with geometric prints are a great way to do it.

Try a bamboo towel. It has a velvety texture and also natural mildew-resistant properties, making it a healthy choice too.

Having trouble deciding on a towel? Why not buy a hand towel first and take it for a test run?

Once you’ve found the perfect towel, it’s important to wash it regularly in cold water, so it also feels clean and smells fresh.

And one last thing, don’t forget to use your Mask bathroom spray to keep the rest of your bathroom smelling fresh too!

Happy shopping!

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