How to Easily Decorate Your Bathroom with Plants

How to Easily Decorate Your Bathroom with Plants

Fresh air is essential to keep your bathroom feeling clean. One way to purify your bathroom air is to decorate it with plants. This also helps it feel like a more inviting room.

Do plants really purify the air?
As well as carbon dioxide, plants absorb other gases from the air, like volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Removing pollutants like VOCs from the air with plants is known as phytoremediation. But, some plants are more adept at this than others.

What plants should you have in your bathroom?
It’s important to consider plants that are excellent at phytoremediation, but also those that will thrive in your bathroom’s humid environment.

Let’s look at a few of our top picks:

Aloe vera: this healing plant is so easy to care for as it has a very low water requirement. It can look very striking in a bathroom.
Bamboo: a fantastic choice for a bathroom because it doesn’t need soil. Just place bamboo in a tall clear vase with pebbles and water.
Boston fern: this plant thrives on indirect light and is one of the best choices if you want to feature a hanging plant in your bathroom.
Ivy: even NASA values ivy for its air-purifying abilities. It’s trailing leaves also make it a beautiful choice.

How to style plants
Now for the fun part. Here are just a few ways you can decorate your bathroom with plants:

Shelves: great for bushy plants and hanging plants alike
Planters: small-scale plants look sweet in wire planters placed on a countertop
Hanging: hang plants from the ceiling, from towel hooks or a curtain rod – the sky’s the limit!
Bath edge: put a collection of tiny potted plants like succulents on the edge of your tub
Shower caddy: get adventurous and place a plant like an orchid in your shower caddy for a touch of luxury

Don’t forget the final touch on your fresh new bathroom with Mask bathroom spray to keep unwanted odors away.

Happy planting!

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