How to Have the Perfect Bath!

How to Have the Perfect Bath!

As well as being a place of necessity, the bathroom can be a haven of serenity. Having a relaxing bath soothes the mind from the stressors of the day and prepares you for a good night’s sleep. The team at Mask have explored the elements that are needed for a relaxing bath time and we’re happy to share them with you.

Benefits of a relaxing bath
Relaxation can free you of tension both physically and mentally, putting you in a better mood. By improving your stress levels and mood you’ll also find it much easier to sleep well. A bath can even arouse your creativity because of the influx of dopamine which occurs when you’re relaxed and happy.

How to have the perfect bath
Now it’s time to enhance your bathroom for that perfect bath.
Soft lighting is very important to ensure your vision isn’t overstimulated. If you only have fluorescent lighting in your bathroom, then you can achieve softness by lighting an array of candles instead.
Scent is an important part of coercing the mind into a relaxed state.
Before your bath, spritz the Moroccan Rose Mask Bathroom Spray to freshen the air and evoke a sense of serenity.
Try using rose or pear scented aromatherapy candles to soothe your senses and complement your bathroom spray.
Warm water with Epsom salts will encourage tension to leave your body.
Don’t sit in the bath and feel like you should be doing something else because this will negate the purpose of your bath. Set aside an uninterrupted hour for ultimate enjoyment.
If you need a distraction from your thoughts, we’ve got some great ideas. You could apply a hair treatment or read a good book. Alternatively, set up your own chill out playlist for bath time.

All that’s left to do is enjoy!

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