Is Showering the Key to a Happy Day?

Is Showering the Key to a Happy Day?

Daily showers are ideal for great personal hygiene. But the Mask team believes there are many other reasons why daily showers are good for us. In fact, a shower can help us have a happy and successful day.

Here’s how:

Wake up and clear your head
There’s nothing like a shower to help you wake up in the morning and feel ready to tackle the day. Feeling clean physically also has the psychological benefit of washing the mind clean for a fresh start.

Sometimes it’s nice to get out of own heads and think about things that aren’t pressing us for time and energy. A shower provides a safe space to daydream about past, present and future. If you spritz Mask coconut/lime bathroom spray before stepping in, you may find yourself daydreaming about a topical vacation!

Because showering is a routine activity, our minds are free to channel creativity. In this way, we can often come up with great solutions without intentionally focusing on a problem.

If you haven’t already planned your day, the shower can provide a peaceful few minutes for you to take stock and form a plan of action for the day ahead.

Do it because it makes you feel good. Singing in the shower can relax you and help you feel like your best self for the day ahead.

Encourage Intimacy
Instead of being wrapped up in your busy day, inviting your partner to join you in the shower can provide an intimate atmosphere for checking in with them.

You may need a break from the demands of little voices or just really value your alone time. Retreating to the shower can give you space to reset.

A fresh, inviting bathroom can make showering much more enjoyable. So, try giving it a boost with air freshener.

A revitalizing shower is just a spritz of Mask away!

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