Liven Up Your Senses with Lime

Liven Up Your Senses with Lime

Smell is one of our most primal senses and significantly affects how we experience life. It is processed in the limbic system, which is the emotional center of the brain. Our perception of scent is therefore very personalized and is intertwined with our memories.

Citrus notes like lime can often bring up strong memories. What does the scent of lime conjure for you? Perhaps it’s a reminder of the cool breeze and sunshine in an orchard, relaxing on a tropical vacation or enjoying grandma’s famous key lime tart as a child.

Qualities of lime fragrance
As well as bringing back memories like these, the scent of lime can have these effects on you:

Stimulating the mind and inviting creativity
Uplifting and balancing your emotions for a positive effect on mood
Having a sense of freshness and cleanliness

How to inject lime into your bathroom
The bathroom is the ideal place to reap the benefits of the invigorating fragrance of lime.

Lime essential oil can be used as a cleaner, thanks to its natural antibacterial and cleansing properties. Use it to clean your bathroom of any sticky, oily or greasy spots. It also neutralizes odor making it the ideal air freshener, which is why we love it so much here at Mask.

Take a lime essential oil bath if you’re feeling listless or suffering from sore, tired muscles. Lime can often be overlooked in favor of floral fragrances, but it’s crispness provides a distinct, yet complementary scent. Try this lime essential oil bath recipe:

3 drops lime essential oil
3 drops sweet fennel essential oil
3 drops grapefruit essential oil
2 drops full cream milk to aid oil dispersal

Enhance the atmosphere of your bathroom by teaming these uses of lime essential oil with Coconut/Lime Mask bathroom spray for odor neutralization and zesty freshness!


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