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      Our Guide To Caring For Your Bathroom Air

      The Surprising Way You Might Be Polluting Your Bathroom Air

      Did you know that indoor air pollution can affect your health, the health of your pets, and the health of your family?

      When you think about air pollution, you might think of fuel emissions from cars, smog, and power plants, but not consider the quality of the air inside your home. We spend the majority of our time indoors, so we should be doing all we can do to combat indoor air pollution.

      Keeping your home aired out, clean, and dry will go a long way to preventing harmful chemicals from being released into your home. But there’s one surprising source of air pollution you might not have considered: flushing the toilet!

      What Is Toilet Plume?

      The burst of germs, smells and particles that get sprayed from your toilet has a name - toilet plume.

      When you flush your toilet, the flushing action of the water can spray toilet plume up to 6 feet from your toilet - yuck! Scientists who study toilet plume have found that flushing flings particles into the air and all over your bathroom items - covering your toilet unit, the sink and shower, and even items like your makeup and toothbrush in gross little particles. 

      How To Prevent Toilet Plume

      Luckily, preventing the spread of germs and odour of toilet plume is easy: simply use our toilet spray before you go to the loo, and close the lid before you flush. 

      Toilet Sprays work by helping to reduce odours in the bathroom. They create a film across the surface of the water that traps odours caused by any poo, wee, menstrual blood or any other nasties (even vomit) that drop into the water.

      Mask Toilet Sprays are perfect for containing those nasty smells that can be spread even further by toilet plumes. Simply spray the surface of the water in the toilet bowl before you go, close the lid once you’ve finished your business and flush.


      Care For The Indoor Air, Wherever You Go

      Toilet sprays are small enough to stash in your handbag for those times when you just have to go but you’re not in your home bathroom. Small spaces like caravans, motorhomes, and public loos are easy to refresh with toilet spray too!

      Wherever you choose to use it, be sure to close the lid before you flush to stop toilet plume from flinging nasty particles and germs around the toilet. A cleaner bathroom, that smells divine and hides embarrassing smells - what’s not to love?

      Want To Try Toilet Spray for Yourself?

      We’re so confident that you’ll love our toilet sprays, we offer all our customers a risk-free purchase! If you don’t love the product, we’ll send you a refund and let you keep the product anyway! 

      Our range of Mask Co. toilet sprays comes in a variety of scents that will appeal to everyone's nose in your household.

      If the man of your house prefers a masculine, dark, and woody scent, he’s sure to love our Teakwood and Amber Toilet Spray. If you love fresh fragrances, our Byron Bay Breeze scent is a classic scent that will make your bathroom smell like grapefruit, sea salt and lime. Shop our full range here!



      About Mask:

      Mask Co is on a mission to transform the smell of every home in Australia! We are tired of the same old fragrances being rolled out by big homecare brands in cheap aerosol cans. So we decided to make a huge range of FUN fragrances like Musk Sticks, Red Frogs or Pink Marshmallow!

      Proudly Australian made and owned, we make sure our formulas include only the good stuff: Made from premium fragrance and essential oils all our sprays are FREE of parabens, phthalates, sulfates!


      Maskco shipping boxes

      Our Toilet Sprays are available in 9 mind-blowing fragrances - with a mix of fruity, floral, earthy, or sweet smells. There is truly something for everyone!

      "I have used these sprays for over a year now and love them! And what’s more, my husband and children have asked for them! Usually, they complain about toilet sprays being overpowering and stinking the house out. But these each has their own subtle scent that doesn’t become sickening. Thanks, Mask Co!"

      - Julie J.

      Mix and match your own 3, 6 or 9 pack with any fragrance you like via our website - starting from $34.95.
      Not sure what fragrance to pick? These are three crowd favourites!

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