Revive Your Bathroom with Greenery!

Revive Your Bathroom with Greenery!

Here at Mask, we love our bathrooms. We believe the bathroom should be a place of peace. Somewhere for a little alone time and retrospection.

Enter: Greenery. Pantone colour of the year, Greenery, is nature’s neutral and provides inspiration for freshening up your bathroom to be the perfect haven. We show you how to inject this lush yellow-green shade:


Bathrooms tend to be the most neutral rooms in the house. Try sprucing up your bathroom with these simple green accents.

  • Cakes of natural green tea, peppermint or lime soaps will stand out on a slate soap dish.
  • Try some green towels in a neat stack or hanging from the towel rail.
  • An ornate green candle holder or vase can bring some gorgeous detail to your bathroom’s blank canvas.
  • A green print or framed leafy design can add interest to a neutral wall.
  • A mirror with a green frame opens up the room, with a just a splash of colour.

Potted plants

What about using some real greenery to bring the lushness of the outside in? Potted plants evoke a sense of purity and freshness. Plants also work wonders on air quality.

Plants absorb gases through the pores on the surface of their leaves. This cleans the air of carbon dioxide and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs are emitted as gases from common household substances such as paint, cleaning and cosmetic products. Removing these gases and infusing more oxygen into your bathroom environment will turn it into a more inviting room for your family and house guests.

Some of the best plants for improving the quality of your air indoors are Boston ferns, aloe vera and areca palms.

Complement your bathroom’s fresh new feel with the zesty coconut/lime Mask bathroom spray.

So, have some fun with your bathroom and go green!

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