Shoe Clutter: Step Up And Make Them Toe The Line

You probably have your own luxury shoe closet – think Sex and The City – with your designer footwear artfully arranged according to colour, style, season, waiting there, sparkling and fresh, for you to step into, and step out....

Or maybe not.

For most of us, the reality is a jumble of mixed or matched shoes in assorted sizes and shapes that belong to various members of the family. It’s basically shoe clutter – in boxes and bags, under beds and chairs, in cupboards and corners and sometimes in a muddled (or muddied) heap near the back door.

Not the ideal look.

Worse still, some of those shoes (not yours, of course) basically... well, SMELL.

We know all about that so, thankfully, if you’re yelling SOS (Stinky Old Shoes), Mask Co Air Fresheners will come to the rescue, with some super helpful solutions. 

But first....

Get rid of the shoe clutter 

Invest in a shoe tidy (or three). There’s a range of different storage solutions to suit the space you have available:

Solution 1

  • Multiple pouch-style. Medium sized units have 8-12 pouches, each holding one pair of shoes. They usually hang on the wall or door; some have over-the-door hooks so there’s no need to drill holes. 

    Tip: Mesh pouches are preferable to plastic - think, BREATHABLE!


Solution 2

  • Shoe rack. There are dozens of types, many with pegs or hangers for individual shoes. Because some styles are modular, you can choose the size and configuration, depending on available space or the size of your shoe collection. A multi-tiered, rotating carousel-style rack is a space saver and a popular choice for dressing rooms and walk-in robes. 

    Tip: Whether it’s metal or wood, make sure the rack has a durable finish, to prevent rust or rot.


Solution 3

  • Shelving. This type of storage is versatile and makes organising shoes quick and easy. Some products are cabinet-style, with doors, so shoes are completely out of view. 
Tip: Make sure the cabinet is ventilated and the shelves are non-porous and easy to clean. Cheaper types, made of particle board, hold moisture and encourage mould.

Take a fresh approach

The shoe situation at your place really doesn’t have to be ‘on the nose’. 

  • Freshen the air. A quick spray of your favourite Air Freshener and the stale or steamy ‘eau de sports trainer’ will be totally gone, and the shoe storage area (or your teens’ bedrooms) won’t be no-go Hand & Surface Sanitiser-zones
  • Freshen the shoe tidies. Spritz a cloth with a Mask Co Hand & Surface Sanitiser and wipe down the shelves and racks. You’ll kill the germs and leave behind a whiff of something your nose will love. Try Grape Bubblegum, Australian Florals & Honey or Fairy Dust
  • Freshen the shoes. Our products won’t damage fabrics so a couple of sprays will make even the most frighteningly non-fragrant footwear much nicer to be near!

Tip: You might prefer not to associate the delicious aroma of something sweet to eat with less-than-appetising shoes, so you could choose one of our fragrances that suggests florals (Pink Rose & Jasmine, Cherry Blossom) or adds a zingy fresh feel (Coconut & Lime, Lemon Myrtle).

Shoe clutter - sorted! Smelly shoe dilemma - solved! Now, what about getting kids to clean their shoes? Any ideas?

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