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      3 Surprising Hacks

      that keep Ashlee Jay Interiors’ House Smelling BEAUTIFUL!

      Ashlee Jay Interiors’ Instagram account is what our interior design dreams are made of. One of our favourite interior designers and influencers, she knows a thing or two about organising and decorating her home. 

      So, how does she keep her home smelling as good as it looks? Ashlee Jay shares three brilliant #MaskCoHacks that keep her home smelling beautiful. 

      1. Hand and Surface Sanitiser - Your Secret Scent Weapon

      We all know that sanitiser is amazing at keeping our hands free from germs - you probably have some in your handbag right now. Well, did you know that it’s great for using around your home too? 

      Ashlee Jay has a genius hack for sanitising and freshening her home in one easy step - she uses our scented Hand and Surface Sanitisers. That’s right, sanitiser isn’t just for your hands - it’s great for sanitising your home surfaces too. 

      Use sanitiser to sanitise and refresh these areas in your home:

      - Your bathrooms and toilet
      - High chairs
      - Light switches
      - Door handles

      Try hand and surface sanitiser in any space that needs cleaning and a burst of your favourite scent (and who knows where your kids’ hands have been?!). You’ll have a bug-free surface and a fresh scent that lingers long after - Ashlee Jay swears by it!

      2. Air Fresheners Freshen More Than Just The Air 

      Ashlee Jay has just the thing to freshen up your bedrooms, living room, and even your pet’s areas: air freshener, everywhere!

      To make her favourite scents last, she swears by using a light spritz of air freshener in these spots:

      - On beds and bed linens after they’re made
      - Her living room couches and cushions
      - The kids' areas, including their play areas and the baby changing station

      Just one or two sprays on any of your furnishings are all you need to add an extra layer of luxury to any room. 


      3. Use Scent In Unexpected Places

      Treat yourself (and your guests) to bursts of your favourite scent by using air freshener and hand and surface sanitiser in places no one would expect you to use it. 

      Ashlee Jay loves to use her favourite Mask Co scents in unexpected places. Try using a spritz of air freshener or a dab of sanitiser in these sneaky spots:

      - Dried and fresh flower arrangements
      - Your vacuum cleaner - don’t forget the bag!
      - The inside of your toilet roll
      - Bath mats, doormats…any mats! 

      Which one of Ashlee Jay Interiors’ #MaskCoHack is your favourite? Got any hacks you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments! 

      About Mask:

      Mask Co is on a mission to transform the smell of every home in Australia! We are tired of the same old fragrances being rolled out by big homecare brands in cheap aerosol cans. So we decided to make a huge range of FUN fragrances like Musk Sticks, Red Frogs, or Pink Marshmallow!

      Proudly Australian-made and owned, we make sure our formulas include only the good stuff. Made from premium fragrance and essential oils, all of our sprays are FREE of parabens, phthalates, and sulfates!

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      I had to stop myself from licking the fragrance it smelt that good!"

      -Amy O.