What You Can Do This World Environmental Health Day

What You Can Do This World Environmental Health Day
World Environmental Health Day is here in just a few days, on September 26th. The Mask team wholeheartedly support this year’s theme, which is indoor and outdoor air quality. You might have given air quality a little consideration before, but it’s time we all acknowledge it as a major public health issue.

According to the World Health Organization, more than 80% of people are affected by poor air quality.

This is bad news for all of us, but particularly those at risk of heart disease, stroke and acute respiratory diseases.

Poor air quality is a worldwide matter but can be addressed at a household level. We talked here about using plants to purify your bathroom air. Let’s look at what else you can do in your home.

Wash bedding once a week in hot water to discourage dust mites. You can also use dust-mite-proof pillow covers and mattress covers for extra protection.

Cooking on gas and electric burners produces ultrafine particles that can enter the lungs. Although there is not a classification system on range hoods for their effectiveness at capturing pollutants, it’s critical to use one (preferably one that vents to the outside).

Avoid products containing phthalates, like common air fresheners. Instead, use Mask bathroom spray which is free of these nasty chemicals.

Dust settling on your floors harbors mold, pollen, dust mites and pet dander. So, vacuum regularly with a vacuum cleaner with strong suction, and that has a High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter. The HEPA filter is designed not to release particles back into the home of your home, unlike other vacuum cleaners.

Rooms exposed to the outside
It’s important to seal any cracks in your home, including around doors and windows. This will help to keep unwanted pests away and reduce your need to use pesticides in the home. But, do keep windows open as much as possible for free-flowing fresh air.

We hope you’ll get on board with World Environmental Health Day, just like us!

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