Why the Bathroom Should be Your Favorite Room

Why the Bathroom Should be Your Favorite Room

It’s important to have a special room at home that you feel drawn to. For many people, it’s their bedroom for peace and quiet, or their kitchen for family bonding over delicious food. But the Mask team think the bathroom can give these other choices a run for their money!

Here’s why:

Everyone needs some alone time. The bathroom provides a safe environment for a little reflection and to help you feel grounded before heading out into the wide world again.

The shower provides the ideal space for problem-solving, day-dreaming and creative thinking. The routine action of showering, combined with the relaxing stream of water gives your mind the opportunity to roam. A spritz of coconut/lime Mask bathroom spray can also help stimulate your mind.

Are you a routine-oriented person? The bathroom tends to invite routine more than any other room. If you like order and predictability, the bathroom’s where it’s at.

For some people, the bathroom mirror is not only helpful for grooming, but also where they repeat mantras for success. Take a few minutes to boost your confidence for a positive approach to the day ahead.

Look, we do realize that bathrooms don’t always smell amazing. But if you keep it clean, use a fragrant room spray and light an aromatherapy candle or two, you’ll have it smelling sweet in no time.

The bathroom is the perfect environment for indulging in a little self-care. Whether your indulgence is a foot soak, a facial or a pedicure, take a little time out to make yourself feel a bit special.

Are you a big beauty fan? There’s no room like the bathroom for experimenting with exciting new products and undergoing a makeover.

The bath is the ultimate vehicle for relaxation and preparing for a good night’s sleep. Take a book, light a candle and allow the warm water to work its magic on your tense muscles and tired mind.

Every bathroom has the makings of a favorite room, it all comes down to how you choose to enjoy it.

Are you ready to embrace the bathroom? Go for it!

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