Atomizer (0.3oz)

  • Single $9.95
  • 3 Pack $23.95
  • Atomizer (0.3oz)

Our unscented atomizer offers you total convenience AND discreetness. It's like you have never been!

This Is Why Mask Is The Preferred Bathroom Spray...

Our Formula Works! Our Unique formula will trap the strongest of odors!
Economical! Each atomizer contains over 100 Spray.

If You Don't Like Mask, You Don't Pay!

If you are unhappy with your purchase, you don't pay. We also let you keep the product. A hassle free, no risk offer!


Phthalate Free
Non Aerosol
No Harsh Chemicals
Never Tested On Animals

  • Single $9.95
  • 3 Pack $23.95

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