Our story

Our story

Meet the Aussie behind the magic formula!

Our founder, Jason Morrisby, was surprised to discover there wasn’t a single product on the market that eliminated bathroom odors effectively. In fact, he found the entire bathroom spray/air freshener category to be a bit of a rip-off and rather bland!

That’s why he created the Mask Company - to stir things up a bit!

After a chance meeting with business guru - Quest Nutrition CEO and former #2 on the INC 500, Tom Bilyou, Jason realized his brand vision could make a meaningful impact for the lives of others. That vision was focused on two core values:

  1. Creating beautifully branded products that WORK.
  2. Building a brand that is community minded which can help others.

Jason is also a firm believer that Mask must go “above and beyond” and add absolute value to the customer with knock your socks off products, customer experience and information (please see our awesome blog!).


Although our amazing customers have found our products to be lifesaving, Mask will always be working hard behind the scenes for you. To continually invent, improve and be forward thinking in creating the best possible products. This kind of vision led us to recently release our revolutionary non-scented original spray - the first of its kind in the world. Something that we are immensely proud of.


Finally, at Mask, we believe your bathroom should be a place of style and sophistication and we like to think our products embody this. We hope our bottles of Mask are a welcome addition to the most elegant of bathrooms.

What’s in our product that’s so unique?

We use a special combination of 7 ingredients that work to create a barrier that sits on top of the water’s surface. That’s the magic. The problem with most air fresheners is that they only contribute to the foul smelling odors. Mask gets to the problem before it begins.

Where are our products made?

In 2017, we took the big step of moving our production from overseas to our seaside home in Byron Bay, Australia. We absolutely guarantee that every single Mask product is the best it can be, every time.

Are our products safe for a septic tank?

Although our products are of no great danger to a septic tank system, it’s best avoided, as the oil will eventually increase the need for tank cleaning.

How many uses in a single 2oz bottle?

You will find each 2oz bottle contains up to 560 sprays. On average, that’s 5x more economical than the equivalent volume aerosol.

Can I be a distributor?

Glad you asked! We are always open to new opportunities. Simply get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

Why not contact us!

Our entire team here at Mask are happy to help with any questions you may have. Why not send us an email?