From the pristine beaches of Byron Bay, Australia came a bathroom breakthrough heralded throughout the nation. At a highly classified location, top stink scientists worked tirelessly to develop the all-natural tincture to eliminating rogue poop smells.

At last, in 2016, the code was cracked and the ultimate in anti-stink sprays was created. Embarrassing bathroom odours around the world became a thing of the past, all thanks to one simple, unassuming spray bottle.

Much like a certain fast food joint that sells fried chicken, our 7 magic stink-trapping “herbs and spices” can’t be revealed to the public because they’re considered by some as “state secrets.” But what we can reveal is where to find this magical spray that makes you feel like you’re pooping on incognito mode…

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What’s in our product that’s so unique?

We use a special combination of 7 ingredients that work to create a barrier that sits on top of the water’s surface. That’s the magic. The problem with most air fresheners is that they only contribute to the foul smelling odors. Mask gets to the problem before it begins.

Where are our products made?

In 2017, we took the big step of moving our production from overseas to our seaside home in Byron Bay, Australia. We absolutely guarantee that every single Mask product is the best it can be, every time.

Are our products safe for a septic tank?

Although our products are of no great danger to a septic tank system, it’s best avoided, as the oil will eventually increase the need for tank cleaning.

How many uses in a single 2oz bottle?

You will find each 2oz bottle contains up to 560 sprays. On average, that’s 5x more economical than the equivalent volume aerosol.

Can I be a distributor?

Glad you asked! We are always open to new opportunities. Simply get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

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