• We Stop Bathroom Odors.

Spray Mask before 'doing your business' so you can visit the bathroom with confidence.

Mask is perfect for home, the office, close-quarters or delicate situations when odors can be an embarrassment. If you don't like our sprays, we'll refund you (and you can keep the product anyway).

You'll be amazed how great it feels to visit the bathroom without anxiety

How To Use Mask

1. Hold the bottle six inches above the toilet water surface.

2. Spritz the water surface with six sprays of Mask, creating a barrier to stop odors.

3. Use the toilet in total confidence and flush the toilet as normal.

Premium Fragrances

From Our Customers...

"Sleek. Aesthetic. Eco-Chic. Mask is your next-level daily necessity for the most utilized room in your home. Sure, you could be discreet, but with packaging this sexy, why would you?!"

Karin McDermott

From Our Customers...

"Mask Bathroom Spray is hands down the BEST before you go toilet spray I have used. I'm always hosting guests in my home so a good bathroom spray is a must for a home with lots of visitors and only one bathroom!"

Greta Zukoff

From Our Customers..

"This is a superior product: more concentrated and persistent, and more pleasing aromas. The effectiveness and intensity at low doses makes it more economical than other brands."

Dr. Robin Rosenberg

From Our Customers...

"MASK is my #1 deodorizer. It doesn't cover up odors it eliminates it entirely. Each trip to the restroom at work I use Mask to ensure my trip will be pleasant for all. Works as directed."