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mask faq


So, you want to know a bit more? Well, you seem like a curious one. Just the type we like around here.

These are the common curlies that get asked a lot around here!

Where are your products made?
We are proudly Australian made and owned! Each of our products is formulated and bottled in Byron Bay Hinterland, on the east coast of New South Wales.

So, what’s in your toilet spray formula?
Our Toilet Spray formula is a mix of Australian fragrance and essential oils that create a stink trapping barrier in the toilet bowl. We use natural ingredients that decrease the density of the solution which enables it to sit above the toilet water. They are free of parabens phthalates, harsh chemicals and any other nasties!

Can I use the toilet spray for an air freshener and vice-versa?
Unfortunately not. Our Air Fresheners are not suited as a Toilet Spray as they don’t contain the correct mix of oils to create the barrier to stop odours. Our Toilet Sprays contain more oil than our Air Fresheners and can leave an oily residue on certain surfaces as it is a milky white solution!

So do yourself a favour and get one of both ;)

Are your products natural?
Absolutely! Our products are made from all of the good things and are over 95% natural/organic.

Is there a shelf life for Mask?
As a general rule, no. However fragrances may lose their potency slightly after 12 months so best to keep your stock up to date!

Are your sprays harmful to the environment?
That’s a great question! Mask products have no detrimental impact on the environment and have a very low aquatic toxicity concern.

Septic Tanks?
Not a worry! Mask sprays will not affect the hard-working bacteria in your tank - so you can go ahead!

What if I have allergies or respiratory issues?
Please let us know if you have any food allergies as our products do contain natural ingredients (herbs and spices for example). If you do suffer from serious breathing problems or have a respiratory diseases, the use of any air freshener is best avoided. 

Please note: All Mask products are free from parabens and phthalates.

Is my order secure?
Your transaction security is our utmost concern. Our ecommerce store is operated via Shopify. Shopify is Level 1 PCI compliant and uses 256-bit SSL certificates. In other words, this platform provides the most reliable and secure system for online transactions. Credit Card and other payment data is encrypted and stored safely and we will never share your personal information with third parties. You are in safe hands!


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