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Want to know who makes your order come alive? Let us introduce you to our super eclectic (and totally awesome) team of ex chefs, actors, sound engineers, bar owners, fashion designers, radio announcers and helicopter pilots!

Hannah, Digital Marketing Team Leader

Everything Hannah owns is light Pink!

Zac, Copywriting Genius

Self confessed Keanu Reeves super fan!

Cassie, Marketing & Accounts

Makes award winning cupcakes. Drives like a nana!

Katrin, Pinterest Expert

Never stays home and has visited 27 countries! Next stop...Antarctica! Brrrrr...

Jordan, Warehouse Manager & Staff Beer Administrator

Self proclaimed ‘sickest’ man bun in the warehouse. Owns a car with a ‘comedy’ horn!

Jason, Founder & Staff Chocolate Administrator

Started Mask with $150 and mixed the first batch of sprays in a protein shaker!

Eva, Customer Service Champion

Coffee freak! Drinks 22 cups per day (OK, slight exaggeration).

David, Web Developer

Used to be a rapper! Has had 3 knee surgeries (not from rapping though!)

Alex, UX Designer

Can often be seen running down the street at 2am in animal costumes!

Kathy, Bookkeeping Legend

Super reliable! Bushwalking addict. Always heading off for a hike!

Shonna, Despatch

Our resident Nana! Sews everything!

Lyndsay, Despatch

Has a karaoke addiction! Bakes good cakes!

Vanessa, Despatch

Scared of snakes so we bought a rubber one and hid it in the warehouse. Just kidding!

Victoria, Despatch

Loves a surf at Lennox, awesome at drawing poops (perfect for Mask!) and singing the piña colada song!

Bev, Despatch

Expert in comedy dog haircuts and highlights. Has a big laugh!!

Dylan, Production

Drinks Red Bull for breakfast, lunch and dinner (and still doesn’t have wings!)

Matt, Production

Best dad jokes ever. Music trivia expert. Makes a mean curry!

Caspa, CSO (chief sleeping officer)

One eye, half a brain, no common sense, 0 Instagram followers. But we still love him!