5 Amazing Home Smell Hacks by Mask Co

Cleaning your home is one thing... But having it smell unbelievable is that cherry on the cake!

Introducing Mask Air Fresheners - turning clean into DREAM!!

If you are looking for quick and easy ways to turn up the ‘luxe’ at home, try these 5 Mask Co hacks... 

  1. Vacuum Cleaner Hack
    Before setting out on the never ending task of vacuuming, spray your favorite fragrance into the vacuum bag. This will leave a subtle hint of magic throughout the whole household. Two birds with one stone - brilliant!
  2. Fresh Bed Smell Hack
    Everybody loves fresh sheet day! Top off the change of linens with a spray or two on each corner of the bed. Sure to help you wake up and fall to sleep in bliss!
  3. After Cooking Hack
    Everybody loves your cooking. But not everyone loves how the kitchen smells afterwards! Mask Air Fresheners are the best at keeping your kitchen smelling amazing! No more open windows!
    Bonus Tip: Spritz a paper towel and place on the bottom of your bins to keep them smelling fresh as well!
  4. Artificial Plants Hack
    Are you a little bit nervous your friends might start noticing your artificial plants? Grab one of our floral scented Air Fresheners like Lychee & Peony or Cherry Blossom! They’ll be none the wiser.
  5. Kitty Litter Hack
    Is your fur-baby the king of castle? Don’t let nasty kitty litter linger down your hallway! Mask Air Fresheners are the perfect weapon to fight against Mr. Whiskers leave behinds!