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      How does a reed diffuser work?

      Reeds are inserted into a glass diffuser bottle filled with scented diffuser oil. The reeds soak up the scented oil and emit a pleasant aroma. The Mask diffuser pack contains rattan reeds which have several channels inside the stem that draw the fragrance oil from the bottle to slowly permeate the room.

      100% safe! (we do not want your house burning down!)

      Unlike candles, the reed diffuser has no flame. This makes the reed diffuser a safer alternative for homes, offices, hotels, spas, rest rooms and other areas. Simply set and forget!

      How long do reed diffusers last?

      Each of our 130ml refills will usually last 6-8 weeks. However, room size, air conditioning, closed doors, heat, humidity etc will determine the life span of the diffuser. A draught-free, shady and cool environment will help your diffusers last longer than if you place them in a warm, sunny area.

      Can I use the same reeds for different fragrances?

      We do not recommend it. Mixing fragrances with the same reeds can result in an unpleasant aroma. We supply 3 sets of reeds for each of the 3 fragrances (12 reeds per set).

      My fragrance is too strong!

      Simply remove a few reeds out of the diffuser bottle. The fewer reeds the milder the scent.

      My reed diffuser doesn’t smell as strong as it used to. Help!

      The reeds can be flipped from time to time in the bottle to help give the diffusion process a little boost. You could also try giving your bottle a little ‘swirl’ to ensure the solution is uniform throughout.

      Safety Notes

      Keep the diffuser out of reach of children and pets.
      If the diffuser contents are spilled, clean immediately as the solution may stain some wood surfaces.
      Don’t place the diffuser in an area prone to dust. Reeds can get clogged with dust and inhibit the release of fragrance.
      Do not ingest liquid.
      Avoid contact with eyes.

      Don't spill your oil! The diffuser oil will stain fabric, leather and some bench tops.

      No parabens / No phthalates