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      “We like to think that our customers can shop with absolute confidence knowing that they are buying quality Aussie made products that are manufactured by a company with integrity, transparency and honesty.”

      - Jason Morrisby, Founder

      How did we start?

      We started bottling small batches from a tiny kitchen in Rose Bay, Sydney. We hand-poured every bottle using a protein shaker and attached the labels by hand!


      How it’s going now?

      We now have the luxury of operating from a 700-square-meter warehouse with over 20 amazing staff.


      We’re Aussie made

      We like to keep things local when we can. We manufacture all our products in the Northern Rivers, NSW.

      Manufacturing our own products means that we can employ locals. We currently employ over 20 staff at our warehouse, and we are lucky to have these awesome humans on board!


      Gender equality and mental health

      Mask supports gender equality in the workplace. There are no “jobs for the boys”, or “jobs for the girls” and we love having women in senior positions and mentor roles. We believe the pandemic has disproportionately affected women more than men, so we offer support and flexibility if needed - particularly for parents.

      We offer mental health support and have information available at the warehouse for those who need it. We also have a staff member who is a mental health advocate – equipped and able to be approached if needed.


      Our stance on plastic

      Mask believes we can’t recycle our way out of the plastic crisis, so we are constantly researching and developing new strategies to be as eco-conscious as possible.


      Changes to our PET material:

      As of June 2023, all our air freshener and toilet spray bottles are made from 100% PCR (post-consumer recycled) plastic.

      PCR plastic is manufactured from used and recycled plastic that is collected from beaches, oceans, landfill and recycling plants. We have a target to improve our environmental mission and use 100% PCR bottles from Q4, 2023.

      We’ve also made inroads in reducing our SUP (single-use plastic) use. We offer a soft plastic 500ml refill for our air freshener and toilet spray range. This means that you only need to buy a PET bottle ONCE and simply reuse and refill with our 500ml pouch. While our pouch is still plastic, it’s certainly a more eco-friendly solution. You can read about the advantages of soft plastics on the Clean Up Australia website HERE.

      We certainly aren’t perfect, but we try to improve every day and care for the planet that has given us so much!

      Changes we have made at our warehouse:

      • We invested $7,000 in a cardboard perforating machine to recycle every cardboard box in the warehouse. We use this perforated cardboard as void fill for our orders.
      • We collect all cans and bottles used in the warehouse (including the staff room) and have them taken to a recycling station.
      • We collect and separate all soft plastics.
      • We limit the use of water and electricity.
      • We use mailing pouches made from corn starch. In fact, apart from our bottles, you won’t find any other plastic in our shipping.

      Do you have some suggestions on how we can improve further? Please reach out to support@maskco.com and let us know! We’d love to hear from you.


      Our commitment to giving back

      As a brand, we understand we have an obligation, responsibility and duty to help people when we can. So, if you know of an organisation that can benefit from a free box of Mask goodies, please contact us!


      Check out our Community Involvement here!